Thank you so much for bringing our website to life. It not only serves us, but has enabled our customers to educate themselves about their plumbing. Your promptness and accuracy has definately exceeded our expectations and I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone looking to set up a professional looking site for their business. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
January 2010, Preet Briyah, One Stop Rooter Plumbing

My finished database was creative, professional and affordable. It functioned perfectly without error. The service provided was excellent and the features included I know will serve my clients needs.
January 2010, Shaun Meikle, Child Emergency Alert

After struggling for a number of months with another web design company, I had the good fortune of finding Alla to complete my website. She displayed professionalism, efficiency, and patience in completing the site to my exact specifications. Finishing the process with her was painless and all of my questions were answered clearly and quickly. The end result was a website I am very proud of. Thank you Alla for taking care of such an important part of my new business and I highly recommend your services.
January 2010, Andrea Grebinsky, Pulse Medical Transcription Services

Just wanted to thank you Alla on a wonderful job you did on my website. It is nice to have www.assuredcleaning.ca up and running and functional to my customers, it has helped take my business to the next level. I look forward to working with you on further projects, good job!
January 2010, Joanne Lewis, Rest Assured Cleaning Services

After joining the team, Alla was able to become one of the most productive contributors really fast. Her professional qualities, meticulous attention to details, discipline and organization are well respected both among peers and management.
October 2008, Mykola Madyar, Managing Director at Running Code Services Ltd.

Alla is a real professional, working with passion and attention to every client's needs. She is a great team worker and team player. She's attention to others and performance of the work brought great results and exciting work-process.
October 2008, Alexander Tuz, Software Developer at Running Code Services Ltd.

Alla is a diligent developer with a will and ability to learn. Alla performs tasks precisely according to specification and does her best to make work as good as possible. Alla would better perform tasks involving new technologies and research rather than doing routine work.
May 2008, Anton Baranenko, Project Manager at 3-T

Alla is a very perspective developer; she can manage to find out a new task very quick and quite professional. She has enough skills in development and design to solve task well and she can select important part from the whole one, so she advances very quick.
May 2008, Maksym Rogov, Software Developer at 3-T